also, a gentle reminder:


It is not unusual to be bad at things you just started and don’t understand.

I see a lot of people ready to quit after one or two tries at something, and then when they see that I’m good at those things, they think I must have been born with my talent.

I wasn’t. I struggled for years and I did things that weren’t always helpful and I didn’t know enough to understand why they weren’t working. But I kept trying and I kept learning and eventually I became “good” at it.

(Sometimes becoming better at something means you have to learn and admit that you were wrong about the way you were doing it before.)

Struggle isn’t a sign that a task cannot be accomplished. It doesn’t mean you weren’t meant for something just because it’s hard. It’s okay to think something is difficult and keep trying anyway. Don’t be afraid to make an effort.

And if you find that after you’ve done the work, you still aren’t good at something…that’s okay too. You don’t have to be good at everything — nobody else is. Just remember not to put down anyone else who is trying just because it turned out not to be for you.


So in honor of heartgearart's kickstarter being completed and me going in for the deck, I decided to finally step up and make my first tarot spread. The Triforce. This is a three card spread that can be done as a six card spread for additional information.

1. Courage: What is it you need Courage to face? This is the current problem that the reading will focus on

2. Power: What Power do you need to overcome this challenge? This card is what you actually need to do in order to reach an outcome.

3. Wisdom: Where will Wisdom guide you in your quest? This is the potential future outlook on the situation.

Secondary cards:

4. The Hero / Link: The Hero’s journey is always a tough one, but one that can be overcome. Link represents the readee in this reading - what you are doing and what you need to be doing.

5. The Adversary / Ganon: The greatest challenge and hardship to overcome is the Adversary. What could potentially go wrong, be done wrong, or what is hurting you is described in this card.

6. The Goddess / Zelda: The Hero never journey’s alone, but instead with allies who guide him. This card represents outside influences that you can or should turn to.

Sorry if this is simple or bad guys, but my first time trying to make a spread. Tell me what you think.