For me, sometimes the most mundane tasks are able to be turned into what I consider a spell. At least a personal one. 

For instance, while washing the dishes I focused on the music that I was listening to allowing the lyrics to empower me. While picturing all that was pulling me down washing away down the drain. I may work on a more structured spell based on it later however as it seems to be a sound way of doing things. 


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It’s about time I posted another spread here, isn’t it? The individual positions don’t really have meanings, although one day I may add some.

It’s a simple enough spread — I have a lot like this one, actually. The differences between them are too subtle to be worth mentioning right now. But essentially, this is a spread to find out what you don’t know about something and compare it to what you do.

The Crescent Five cards are what you already know. The Dark Five are what you don’t yet know. And that’s the gist of the spread!

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